Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Must Haves

As the cold weather descends on us in chilly waves we are all having a bit of wardrobe crisis everyday trying to decide what is the coolest ( no pun intended) way to keep warm! Normally deep, dark colours and woolly woven items are recommended. However in this post I am here to tell you of ways that you can stand OUT in the sea of all those greys and blacks!

Go Pastel

Pretty pastels like powder blue, peach, pink and lavenders are the perfect cheerful colours that can make you stand out and act as an instant mood lifter!

Go for a Shawl Collared Sweater

These ultra feminine cosy sweaters are a MUST have for this season! The best thing about them is that they are made of this light weight material that adds to the style without the bulk. Wear them in bright blues or baby pinks ..this versatile style is made for everyone!

Belt It Well

The belt trend has been around for awhile and it doesn't look like its going anywhere any time soon! I would recommend you to be careful with your choice of belt keeping your shape in mind. For the skinny, petite girls out there a wider belt would look great and for those roundish figures a thinner, sleeker belt is recommended.

Go Victorian!

The noticeable trend for cloaks and capes came around the Victorian era. It has been in and out since then but this year its back for sure! Call it capes or ponchos..the end result is uber chic.

Multiple layers and multiple chains

No look is complete without proper accessories. As you add on the layers make sure you don't forget to pack some chains around your neck. Be it pearls, stones, simple silver or gold chains add up the layers in all lengths and sizes to completer the look. 
Happy Winters to all :)


  1. Good stuff:)
    one suggestion, try to replace those western ladies with our own models where possible, other then that, as always, great job baaaby=D

  2. Great! I already have a couple of these. Can't wait to get my hands on the other ones!

  3. @ Rimsha..i tried finding pics of our own models cudnt really find a perfect pic :( though good suggestion next time il definatly look more into it. :)
    @ Sana thank u for liking it :)

  4. interesting and brief, have one of these shawl collared blue sweaters which ill put out and wear this week. Keep it going. :)

  5. I could always imagin u owning all of these and even more trendy items in your wardrobe Bushra ;)

  6. I just lub the concept that u aren't suggested sweaters and Shawls stuff only but well suited accessories too for winter wearing :)

  7. Zubair ur comment comes as a total surprise! hehe thanx for ur feedback :)

  8. A shawl collared sweater is needed..And now I am wondering if where do I buy it from? Any recommendations, Annie?? :)

  9. you can find a very cool purple shawl collared sweater at Crossroads. They are also available at Outfitters :)

  10. Wow! I like the purple one with the belt ofcourse ... =)

    Cool blog keep it up!