Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trend Alert- What we can learn from the Karachi Fashion Week

The second PFDC Karachi Fashion Week took place at a local club from 10 to 13 November. The four day event gave opportunity to 24 designers to show case their spring/ Summer 2011 Prêt-à-Porter collections. The designers got together for a charitable initiative ‘Fashion Gives Back’ in which some designers had their clothes sold at 40% discount to gather funds for the flood refugees.
The collection of almost every designer was a wonderful composition of international style trends aligning with the local. Here I have collected a list of the most dominant trends from the fashion week that would be easy to adopt by all the fashionably conscious females out there!

Trend # 1:
Jeweled Necklines

 It was amazing to see how designers brought sparkle and the oomph factor on the ramp by incorporating embellishments like pearls, gold chains, Swarovski Crystals and stones that made the neckline look like gorgeous necklaces!

Trend # 2
Lots of volume!

Just when the speculation had started that the structured shirts are going to make a fast come back we see volume and flow in almost every collection! Use of materials like chiffon, light silks, cottons and georgettes was predominant. Volumes of fabric used gave the clothes a sophisticated yet sensual feel.

Trend # 3
3 Ps- Panels, Pleats and Poise

It is time to delve deep in feminine and fluid cuts. Light weight materials ideal for summer can be used to make elegant paneled shirts in subtle hues. Detailing done with bright and rich tones of fabric can make any outfit stand out. If you want to stand out in your simplicity, use of pleats can create an effortless look.

Trend # 4
Sheer fabric and printed lining

This is something I just noticed in Asifa and Nabeel’s collection but I am seriously hoping this trend which has been predominant in India for quite some time catches on here too! Dark tones with lighter shades of printed lining and vice versa are extremely contemporary and very chic.

Trend # 5
Bring back the Folk”.

 From Kamiar Roknis collection ‘Folkistan’ to Akif Mahmoods  Kolors of Kafiristan’  we saw many designers seek inspiration from Pakistan’s various folk crafts and cultural influences. Local fabrics with traditional checks and stripes in cotton, khaadi and sussi and were embellished in thread work inspired by folk appliqués of regional materials. The overall effect was a perfect blend of rural art with a contemporary twist.

Trend # 6
Grey and Teal are the new Black

We saw many designers play with these colors many of us shy away from! Majority of the people believe the drabness of grey would be a downer; little do they know that this color infused with a punch of silver and white would be anything but dull. For those still not convinced; teal in all shades would be a perfect option. It a fresh color to brighten up your wardrobe!


  1. Wow, the neck embellishments look stunning! I've always thought that folk themed clothes were weird, and they almost always look like fusion gone haywire. However, fashion mags (Gul Ahmed in particular) and shows always have such a section. Would you still recommend them? Wouldn't they feel too outlandish, say at university or in an informal setting?

  2. I do agree if you look at these collections they do seem over the top but if done in moderation they can look really good..imagin a black and red khaadi type of kurta with funky pattern on the daaman would be subtle yet very folk!

  3. Impressive post Annie=)

  4. thank u Rimsha i appreciate ur feedback :)

  5. Brilliant observation, Annie!! Fashionistas would definitely enjoy reading it.

    Keep writing and all the best!!

  6. Awesome Annie! It was a treat reading this piece really. I shall be visiting this site often now. That's for sure.
    Keep up the good work:)

  7. Thank u SOO much Wajiha! All the encouragement means ALOT! :)