Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding season is in full swing! Every week I am hearing about some wedding or other. And as the important dates approach there is a lot of talk about the wardrobe crisis many of us are feeling. For the past few days I have heard many go like;

 ‘The new Gul Ahmed magazine had short shirts! Does that mean they are back?’
‘I saw the Nomi Ansari collection on Style 360 and all outfits had choridars and I have none!'

 I observed that there is major confusion amongst the stylistas about what style and shirt lengths are actually “IN”. So I decided to write a bit about what I think this wedding season means for us all in terms of the latest trends.

Firstly ladies I like to happily propagate that every shirt length would do great this season. From extra long bellowing gown- like shirts to super short shirts; everything goes!

Secondly more than style it’s the occasion that should be kept more in mind. Nobody would think you are the next big thing to hit the fashion world if you come to a Valima in a bright yellow pattiyala shalwar and a short green kameez! However for a Mayun function that is a look you can carry with panache.

The styles we have been seeing a lot in magazines and on the runway include panels and pleats and this is something that would carry forward to the next year paired with lose ijars or choridars.

The only thing I would emphasize is the choice of colors and accessories. There are many that are hooked to blacks and red because it makes them look thin or fair and what not. I say please play around with the many colors we are blessed with. Jewel tones, especially shades of orange and green are gorgeous and flattering on every skin tone so why not try them out.

Accessories can literally make or break an outfit. One cardinal rule that most people break is donning every piece of jewelry you can wear. Please use the bling sparingly. If you are wearing one statement necklace leave your ears bear or if you are choosing long chandelier earrings do NOT over do with necklaces and multiple rings.

End of the day your style is an extension of your personality and what everyone needs to do is embrace it with confidence. That’s a trend that would never go out of fashion :)