Friday, October 15, 2010

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

Inspired by these famous words said by one such Coco Chanel I decided to put words to my many many thoughts and share them with those that would listen. Fashion is my passion..and as mundane as that sounds it would be surprising to many how much time I devote to it. To me its not about making a statement but to use it as a medium of self expression. What you wear says everything about you and for anybody and everybody who has an eye for it would realize a lot more about you than perhaps your are willing to share.

My fascination with fashion started young when I accompanied my mom and aunt around various fashion houses of our local style icons like Bunto Kazmi and Faiza Samee.The dedication and sheer brilliance of these women can never be described ..its like they are born to design and make woman feel gorgeous.

 The fashion industry of Pakistan is thriving like never before and providing many platforms for veteran designers and passionate amateurs to showcase their talent and give them the needed exposure.I too started by own pret line by the name of Huez with fellow friends Rimsha Siddique and Maryam Dosani with the aim of playing our own little  part in styling the women of today. And we like many others hope to be admitted to the hall of fame for style icons one day :)

The purpose for this blog would be to share my views about the latest happenings in the Pakistani fashion world; I would be talking latest trends, reviewing the exhibitions happening around,visiting existing and new shops opening around  Karachi and share my views with you. 

To kick things off I am posting this video of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010 that highlights the trends that we would predominantly see till the end of this year. Happy viewing! :)


  1. Good job sis! hoping for many more to come :)

  2. Good one Annie, and everybody who reads this, be assured, this girl knows her stuff!!!lookin ahead to many more:)