Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mint Green Perfection!

Could it get any hotter? I ask myself everyday and yet again the next day reminds me that it can! With the temperatures scorching to unbearable degrees we are all feeling like the life is drained out of us and despite the obvious brightness everything is drab and dull.

It is one such day today and I want to write about something that is fresh and perky and the one color that comes to my mind is: Mint green

Mint green, with its calmness and coolness is a color to live by this season. Incorporate this in any form to your wardrobe essentials and beat the heat with style.

Much to my delight many lawn collections this season had mint green prints.  The color pairs nicely with white and silver and stitched stylishly it is sure to become your favorite outfit of the season.

Other than complete suits this color can be used to add the breezy factor to your outfit in the form of shoes, handbags and other accessories also.

So what are you waiting for? :)


  1. Great Read, as always=)

  2. hehe Thank u so much always :)

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